Type ĐevaNāgarī text to Transliterate to Nīrajā-Latin

This web page will help you in generating transliterated text as per Nīrajā Transliteration scheme. If you are looking for a webpage where you can type some ĐevaNāgarī words, then goto hindi.co. You can type some Hinđī (ĐevaNāgarī) words there and copy those words from there and paste them here.

ĐevaNāgarī Consonants that you want to capitalize should have a leading underscore. For example _हिन्दी will be transliterated as Hinđī and not as hinđī.

First delete the sample text given in the following box. Then type (or copy) text in ĐevaNāgarī (_देव_नागरी) / Hinđī (_हिन्दी) that you want to convert:

Here Nīrajā-Latin text as per Nīrajā Transliteration scheme will appear:

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