Convert from Lekhni (lekhanee) to Unicode

This web page will help you in converting DevaNagari-Latin text typed in Lekhni to Unicode encoded text that you can use in any modern application/system.

Versions of Lekhni till 2.0 used a proprietary encoding (and fonts) to store, display and print DevaNagari-Latin text. Future version of Lekhni i.e. 3.0 will be Unicode compliant. Its best font A_Akhil.ttf is now completely redesigned as Akhil_HE.ttf which is a highly optimised modern smart font conforming to Unicode and OpenType standards. So do not wait for a newer Lekhani instead use Writer of LibreOffice or any other modern word-processor along with Akhil_HE for ultimate satisfaction.

First delete the sample text given in the following box. Then copy your text composed in Lekhni (lekhanee) using A_Akhil.ttf, etc. Lekhni text you will paste here may be displayed in A, B, C, D and not in क, ख, ग, घ.

Here Unicode encoded DevaNagari (देवनागरी) will appear :

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